Reading, now in Wisconsin

Apologies for the blog silence! I see that some of you have taken a look at my Family History Archive project page, and I’ve got some new (real-life and online) friends, so I thought I’d pick up the proverbial pen and start blogging again! I’m looking forward to getting back to it. Since I last wrote, several things have happened which have changed my reading habits, just a little:

1. I moved to lovely Madison, Wisconsin last fall, where this is the view when you bike from my house to downtown:


OK, it’s sometimes colder than this, but still lovely.

2. Finding myself, on a related note, temporarily unemployed, I took a Web Design Basics for Librarians e-course through the American Library Association. And I also learned a lot from this fabulous book: Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML.


Because there’s nothing more fun to do on a rainy November day than sitting on your couch, creating a valid stylesheet for a fictional cafe, looking at The Worst Websites of 2011 or finally getting some external validation that it might be a good idea to stop blaming library users when they can’t find books because they don’t understand what we mean when we say “Resources”.

3. I bought a Kobo Touch ereader.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition_013

The first book I read on it was Bleak House. Turns out that Dickens is much more pleasant to read (at least in my opinion), when you can adjust the font size, and you’re not reading a cheap paperback school edition with smudgy printing and an inflexible spine. More on Bleak House soon, especially on office practice, recordkeeping and communication before the telephone and photocopier.

Oh, and in case anyone ever reads this who doesn’t know me in person, I got married:


(Photo by the excellent Joseph and Jaime, friends of a friend. They are way hipper than me, and seem to be spending their winter break from shooting weddings swanning around tropical locales, taking wonderful pictures.

Feels good to be back! I promise, I’ve got lots to write about, when I’m not reading, knitting with new friends, or eating too much locally-produced ice cream.