Big book, Big knitting, Big Olympics

I am in a rut, a very enjoyable rut. I’m about two-thirds of the way through A Suitable Boy, which, according to Wikipedia at least, is one of the longest books ever published in one volume in the English language. It is very very long, and very very good. I wish I had read it more slowly so that I could have more time with this wonderful book!

And my knitting, well, I can’t say that I wish my current project were taking longer, but I am certainly enjoying it as well. It’s a variation of Natalie Selles’ pattern, Reunion Cowl, a big huge cowl made of very fine lace weight yarn. I would estimate that it has at least 100,000 stitches in it, and it’s not even done yet! But the fabric made by this yarn (Fleece Artist Bluefaced Leicester 2/8 is very very soft, and the colour (a variegated sort of icy blue), makes it fascinating to knit, as I just want to see how the next inch will look. That being said, I am really looking forward to having it finished. I can’t deny that I am looking forward, just a little, to crisp fall weather, and wearing my new gray fall coat, topped off with this cowl. I’m knitting it in plain stocking stitch, without the rows of eyelets shown in the pattern.

And what better thing to do when knitting a giant blue cowl than watching the Olympics! I am enjoying a surfeit of swimming, gymnastics, rowing, whitewater canoeing, and more!