I hope you have a library card, ’cause I’m sure Czeching you out!

(I thought my Dad, like Dads everywhere, would appreciate that joke . . . )

Here’s me in front of the National Library of the Czech Republic:


It’s inside this beautiful building, the Klementinum.


(Yes, the building really is that yellow, and the sky is that blue- I think Prague is the most beautifully coloured city I have ever seen).

The library itself was shut (hooray for European vacation policy, but I wonder what students do in summer? Oh yeah, go on vacation as well probably). But we went on a really excellent tour of parts of the building, which included a visit to the Baroque Library Hall, which contains 20,000 books, most in their original shelf locations from the eighteenth century. We also climbed up the astronomical tower and had a great view:


Which reminds me, am I the only person who finds going on guided tours incredibly calming? Guided tours, and watching other people chop vegetables carefully. Practically puts me to sleep.