That awkward dinner party question (at least when you’re a librarian)

I’ve been talking with my students about the importance of knowing what you are going to say when someone asks you (as they inevitably do) an awkward question at a dinner party like “What are you going to do with your life when everything is digitized?” or “No one reads anymore, do they?” And most importantly, I say, you actually have to believe your answer to those questions

Kathy Dempsey helpfully includes an entire section on how to respond to questions like this in her excellent book The Accidental Library Marketer.

Now, the Atlantic has gotten in on the game: The Next Time Someone Says the Internet Killed Reading Books, Show Them This Chart – Alexis Madrigal – Technology – The Atlantic

The accompanying article makes some interesting points about the definition of a “good book” and the fact that just because someone was reading a book in 1950, doesn’t mean it was “literature,” but most of those “bad” books are now out of print.

Thanks, Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic, for making those awkward dinner party questions a little less awkward for us librarians!