Bookish Holiday Gift Lists – #1

‘Tis the season for giving people hard rectangular packages, the kind where you can actually get sharp corners in the wrapping paper, which itself might have been reused from last year’s hard rectangular packages. Or perhaps for you, ’tis more the season to slip a gift card into a card, or to send email with a code for your favourite purveyor of ebooks. It’s the season to buy people books for Christmas!

But which ones?

Lucky for you, a librarian friend of mine who writes for the Ottawa-based blog Apt 613 (tagline: “Arts. Culture. Ottawa. Puns”) has written this post Librarian in Residence: The unofficial holiday gift list for 2013. Click through, and you can discover her picks for  books for people of all ages and interests, including “Best Teen Book that Wasn’t Post-Apocalyptic” and “Best Book About a 100-Year-Old Man”. Despite the quirky categories, this list isn’t merely link bait (by which I mean those posts of “Ten Things I Miss About the 80s” and “15 Magazines Your Grandma Will Love if She Loves the Ellen Show”). The author has one of the most jam-packed ereaders I’ve ever seen, and reads children’s, YA and adult books like some people eat cookies. She’s the only person I know who walks into one of the best bookstores in the Midwest  and starts swapping tips with the buyer for the children’s section!

Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with more gift-giving tips!


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