Just read

Some good advice for a rainy weekend in Madison from John Cotton Dana, , founder of the first library children’s room, at the Denver Public Library, pioneer business librarian, and enthusiastic collector of American art:

1. Read

2. Read.

3. Read some more.

4. Read anything.

5. Read about everything.

6. Read enjoyable things.

7. Read things you yourself enjoy.

8. Read, and talk about it.

9. Read very carefully, some things.

10. Read on the run, most things.

11. Don’t think about reading, but

12. Just read.

From The Librarian’s Book of Lists by George M. Eberhart, ALA 2010, via the Woodland Park Public Library.

and, in case you’d rather stare at bookshelves instead of reading . . .



One thought on “Just read

  1. Oh, groan, I covet that room! That’s my idea of what heaven would look like. I was introduced to your blog through a friend who taught your sister years ago. She knew I would love it, and I do. I live just outside Madison, I quilt, knit and read. And listen to music. We should meet sometime.

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