P/FLOTUS read “Where the Wild Things Are”

Perhaps Barack and Michelle Obama missed their calling as children’s librarians? See them reading Where the Wild Things Are here. I’ve never really been into Maurice Sendak (don’t know why, really, feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments) but I do appreciate someone who gets into reading aloud.

I’ve got a longer post brewing about some of my favorite books have read out loud to me when I was little. I’d love to hear about your favourites, too.


3 thoughts on “P/FLOTUS read “Where the Wild Things Are”

  1. I wasn’t a big Maurice Sendak fan until I saw Steven Colbert interview him. Sendak was definitely holding his own against Colbert and was immensely funny in his own right. You should definitely check out the videos (there are 2) from The Colbert Report.

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