Waiting for pickup


For some reason, I’ve found that I haven’t been doing much new reading in the past few months. Instead, I did a lot of rereading of old favourites, and quite frankly, I spent a lot of time reading online when I was really in the mood to be reading something on paper, just because I didn’t have any new books on hand. The solution? Place some holds at the library. And because my my local library uses the lovely and convenient Bibliocommons catalogue system, it was ridiculously easy to find some new books, and to put them on hold.

So here I am, sitting at home on a cosy grey day, waiting for the email message that the following books are ready for pickup:

Slipstream, a Memoir by Elizabeth Jane Howard – Looking forward to curling up under a blanket and reading some juicy gossip in this one!

Aran Knitting and Fisherman’s Sweatersby Alice Starmore – I’m knitting a simple Aran sweater for myself right now, and I think I’m ready to kick it up a notch with something even more complicated.

Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern – I found Roadfood Sandwiches to be excellent (and hunger-inducing) Saturday-afternoon reading, so I’m looking forward to more of the same

The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks – I didn’t even know he had a new book until I saw this mentioned on Martin Levin’s list of 10 books you have to read in Fall 2010. This one’s about six people with vision problems and changes, including Sacks, who suffered a tumour in his eye.

And now, I just wait!!


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