and finally, Hapsburg library grandeur

Last in this series of European National Libraries is the Austrian National Library in Vienna. Like most things in Vienna, it’s massive, monumental, and maybe even slightly over the top:

National Library of Austria

Once again, we didn’t actually go in – we preferred to spend our time eating Wiener schnitzel and ice cream cones, and gazing at huge collections of imperial chamber pots.

We did go into the main library of the University of Vienna:


It’s closed stacks – you can see the pickup shelves (“Bestellte Buecher”) at the left of this picture. Everything was very orderly and quiet, and obviously, our cunning plan to disguise ourselves as grad students was effective! Nobody seemed to mind that we walked in.

Following my summer tour of national libraries, I returned home, bought new bookshelves, and settled in for a winter with my own library:



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