A start

Hi everyone!

This is the first post in what I hope (no, promise!) will be a blog that actually gets updated more than once in a blue moon (unlike, say, this one ).

I’m planning to write about the books I read, just about as soon as I finish reading them. I’m a librarian, so I’m lucky enough to basically read for a living. Here, you’ll read mainly about my “fun” reading, which tends to consist of non-fiction – usually historical – cookbooks, craft books, and some fiction. Oh, and an embarrassing amount of children’s literature, so you’ll read about some old favourites too.

Send me suggestions! I am always looking for something new for the bedside table! Here’s what I’ve got lined up at my local public library to start:

The Wordy Shipmates, by Sarah Vowell

The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Craft Rubin

Consuming Passions and The Victorian House by Judith Flanders.

and I really should also write about My Own Two Feet, by Beverly Cleary , if only so my librarian friends can learn how little the profession has changed!


3 thoughts on “A start

  1. Hi Bronwen.

    I’ve read the Happiness Project. Pretty interesting..and I think it would be very constructive to come up with a similar project for oneself (so far musing about how I could potentially become more happy without actually doing anything concrete isn’t really making much difference đŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to your blog. Hoping it will inspire me to read more too!

  2. Looking very forward to your posts – all of them – even (maybe especially?!!) the children’s lit!

  3. Hi Bronwen,

    I really like the travel photos (and the Czech republic pun). Do come visit if you are touring any Kingston libraries!

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